Buckland Farmstead /Historical Mine

Buckland House Drawing

The preservation of the Westfall Road Buckland Farmstead property is of great interest to the members of Historic Brighton. A farmhouse of simple design and brick construction exemplifies the Brighton farm community. The history of the two main occupations of the nineteenth and early twentieth century Brighton, brick making and agriculture, are represented here.

Saving the farmhouse is about saving the farm, saving the land, saving the crops, saving the animals, saving the barns, saving a way of life…saving in history…saving the farmhouse is saving a structure to give voice to the Brighton Farms past.

Thanks Brighton!

See Democrat & Chronicle article from October 2007 on the Buckland House restoration project.

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Section A /Westfall Property Land & Soil History


Land @ 250,000,000 YBP, Glacier @ 12,000 YBP, Native American’s @ 1,000 YBP, NYS Division @ 200 YBP, 1930 Aerial View, 2000 Aerial View, 1999 Barn Aerial View, 2003 Barn Aerial View, 2003 Architect Drawing. Read More

Section B /Westfall Property Map History

The LAND called Buckland Farmstead:  Map History

Phillips-Gorham Purchase Map, 1852 Brighton”Brown’s Map”, 1958 Brighton Map, 1972 Brighton Map, 1887 Brighton Map, 1902 Brighton Map, 1924 Brighton Map, 2000 Brighton Creek Map, Brighton Land Change Map 1800-2000. Read More

Section C/1850 Farms Defined

Section C/1850 Farms Defined

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Section D/Westfall Property Artifact Collection

Section D/Westfall Property...Artifact Collection

Time Chart Artifact Collection, Flint Scraper,Eight Bottles, “Blue Willow” Dishes, “Atlas” Glass Containers, Colored Glass Shards, Animal Ear Tags, Glass Bottle Stems, Metal Items, Spherical Items, Fork & Spoons,”Burger” Crockery Shards, Childrens Toys, Indian Head Penny. Read More

Brighton Farm Census (1850-1880)

James Madison Edmunds

James Madison Edmunds

Farm Landscape

Farm Landscape by Carl Peters

Edmunds Farm 1880 ..Read More!