The chart below gives some collected statistics about brick production in various countries and production related to various processes. These are intended to help you measure the differences in historic time and for individual companies comparison. They also allow you to see Brighton's contribution related to the State, Nation and World.




The following are some additional statistics:

A...Brick Industry Impact in 2003

Over 200,000 workers depend on the American Brick Industry

B...Brick Industry Consolidation

In 1880 there were 5,031 Manufactories of Brick in the United States..
In 1940 there were several thousand Brick Manufactures in US with nearly 3,000 plants,.......... in 2000 there are 83 manufactures operating 204 plants.

C...Big Brick Industry

The top 10 manufactures represent over 60% of current production capacity.

D...Foreign Investment

Foreign investment accounts for 50% of US brick industry.

E...Brick Industry Labor

Robotics have reduced the number of brickmaking employees to a minimun.

E...Brick Production Related to Home Construction

“The average house is approximately 2200 Square feet in floor space,
and if all four walls were brick, would use 15,000 brick. This means that
every million brick in new capacity is equivalent to 67 average new homes,
if all wall space were brick.”

F...Wagon Load / 1800's Transportation

A team of horses and wagon could haul 900 bricks at one time in the wagon box.