The story of "Brighton Brick", told within these pages, is rich in local history. A tale that spans 120 years relating land, people, and the brick manufacturing process from 1815 to 1935. The story location is the Town of Brighton, County of Monroe, in the State of New York, "Upstate" as some say.

The following is a list of all the pages on this site. I found the navigation buttons I designed to be helpful but they did not provide an adequate and simple view of the overall site content:

#1 Home Page Introduction to Web Site

#2 The Story behind the title "Brighton Brick"

#3 Summary and links for the background of the Brickyards of Brighton

#4 Pictures & Links to Brighton Brickyard Operators

#4a History of Gideon Cobb Brickyard

#4b History of Abner Buckland Brickyard

#4c History of Amos Buckland Brickyard

#4d History of Leonard Buckland Brickyard

#4e History of Edwin Wilson Brickyard

#4f History of Alvin Burton Brickyard

#4g History of Jason Baker Brickyard

#4h History of Isaac Moore Brickyard

#4i History of Jonathan Town Brickyard

#4j History of William Otis ( Rochester B&T Co.) Brickyard

#4k History of Ira Otis ( Rochester B&T Co.) Brickyard

#4l History of John Weis (German B&T Co.) Brickyard

#5 Brighton Brick Production compared to World & Brick Data

#6 Brick Market, Bricks used in Building, New York State, Rochester & Brick Ascetics

#7 The Glacier effect on the landscape of Brighton and clay source

#8 Brighton Map locating Brick Yards

#9 Brick Manufactue Techniques & Equipment

#10 Smoke Produced in Brick Manufacture

#11 Branded Bricks found in Brighton


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